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Is your company presenting the right brand image?

How many candidates do you think give up on a job opportunity after watching a company video or reading its job description?

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Enlizt receives around one hundred thousand  applications every two months, here’s some interesting data we’ve gathered from them.

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Most candidates give up in the first step of their application process, during the Company Presentation. It seems pretty bad doesn’t it? It’s the opposite actually! With every one hundred resumes received, thirty-two of those, are candidates who don’t identify with your company and consequently, won’t be called by your recruiters – saving your team time!

A clear and well defined presentation, with detailed information about your brand, product and culture, will organically filter out candidates who are not an ideal match for your company or your job opportunity. With Enlizt, we can confidently say that  the “More company information you have” = “The less unqualified candidates you receive ”.


What are the advantages of having a recruiting platform as a tool in your company?


  • Attract, organize and speed up your recruitment

With Enlizt you have the advantage of attracting and qualifying candidates who are actually going to be a good fit for your position. You are given the proper tools, like being able to customize your application process with quizzes and questions, to optimize your recruitment.  You can also organize your candidates in your own personalized KanBan and keep track of your entire hiring process.

  • Humanized Process

We lower the chances of you spending unnecessary time calling and interviewing unqualified candidates, by helping you efficiently qualify your applicants beforehand. In each step of their application process the candidate is asked if they’re still interested in the opportunity and would like to continue.  With these functionalities, we make sure that whoever finishes your application process is definitely interested in working with you.

  • Hire as a team

Human Resources is a vital part of your company, recruiting talent is not an easy task. What if your job opportunity is for a specific industry or segment? For instance, for a PHP Developer opportunity: wouldn’t it be easier to hire someone if you had support and help from your Development Team? With Enlizt you can create an evaluation team to help you! You can define how many collaborators you want, and invite coworkers from other departments to gain a different evaluation perspective in your selection process.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Receiving a PDF resume in print or by email might not be the best way to discover your candidate’s true potential.  It takes time (there’s no way you can evaluate someone in 10 seconds) and attention to filter, separate and analyze each resume individually. It’s certainly not the most effective way to qualify candidates. So, how does Enlizt help?

Besides saving your time and effort everyday by organically filtering your candidates automatically, it only costs $1. That’s right. No monthly fees. You are only charged if a candidate is able to complete your application process. In other words, you will only pay for the candidate that’s actually a match for your opportunity. Isn’t it wonderful?

  • Employer Branding

Besides having the tools to facilitate your recruiting process, Enlizt also cares about your company brand. In our platform, you are encouraged to showcase videos about your business and promote your values.  

  • The Pipeline Differential

Posting on a job board is the most common way companies use to advertise their job opportunities. However, simply leaving the position open and hoping candidates show up for an interview isn’t enough. Enlizt, with its many advantages, also functions as a job board, but a much more efficient one. We attract your candidates, and like a funnel, deliver the ones that match the most with your job opportunity.

We also allow you to create your own unique recruiting processes within the platform, to meet your specific needs.

Do you know how beneficial a more efficient recruiting process can be for your company?

Enlizt is an end-to-end platform, and that’s why it fits into so many categories:

  • ATS (Application Tracking System)
  • Job Board
  • Candidate Database
  • Job Position Marketing
  • Company brand strengthening
  • Exclusive App for direct communication with candidates
  • Tests and Questionnaires
  • Video Interview
  • Team evaluation
  • With many more useful features not stated above

Get curious and see how Enlizt can improve your recruitment team’s daily productivity! Schedule a demo, no commitment needed!



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