Is it really possible to evaluate a candidate in 10 seconds?

30% of recruiters say they discard resumes in up to 10 seconds.

A research performed by a recruitment company shows that 30% of recruiters take between 6 to 10 seconds to discard/eliminate a resume for an interview.

The average resume evaluation time is 29 seconds, 80% of recruiters don’t take 1 minute to evaluate a resume.

The reasoning behind this? The information considered by the recruiter.

Professional experience, goals, contact information. These and other information are noticed first by the interviewer and are always mentioned as the most important themes on a resume. The resume’s structure should be clean and well organised, maintaining the attention of the recruiter.

Information that can’t be missing on a resume:

  • Professional experience (80%)
  • Education (60%)
  • Position and/or interested position (60%)
  • Professional goals (50%)
  • Knowledge in other languages (24%)

But wait…

How is it possible to evaluate the profile and potential of a person through a piece of paper, without even giving candidates a chance to express themselves? After all, many entry to mid-level applicants don’t have the experience usually required for job, but do have the potential to grow within it. It’s necessary to understand that the traditional resume is staying behind, the future is digital (and don’t consider PDF resumes by email as “digital”, it’s just an ecological and fast way to collect the candidate’s information).

Today’s companies are even more worried about finding the ideal candidate with the perfect profile for their job opportunities. On the other hand, candidates don’t expect anything less than a perfect company to fit their needs.

Ok… but how do you know if there’s a “match” between company and candidate? How can you identify the candidate’s true potential without having to invite them for a job interview?

Consider using Enlizt in your recruiting and application process! It’s a complete platform where you can create automated steps for your processes (company presentation, tests, questionnaires, pre-interview video). And it’s specifically in the last step that the candidate has the opportunity to show their true potential. With a short pre-interview (2min video) it gets easier for the evaluation team to identify the ideal profile they want for the position.

Enlizt is basically a candidate CRM (Customer Candidate Relationship Manager), where you can build your candidate pools for free, as well as search and filter them by experience, skills or by the answers they give you in your questionnaires…

The platform is end-to-end,  and that’s why it fits into so many categories:

  • ATS (Application Tracking System)
  • Job Board
  • Candidate Database
  • Job Position Marketing
  • Company brand strengthening
  • Exclusive App for direct communication with candidates
  • Tests and Questionnaires
  • Video Interview
  • Team evaluation
  • With many more useful features not stated above


Not only is it a complete platform, Enlizt’s purpose is to also make sure companies save A LOT of money when hiring. How? Only $1 is charged for each candidate who is able to finish your application process. If they don’t finish it, you pay nothing.

No monthly fees, no additional rates or unexpected charges, it’s a pay-as-you-go model, where you pay as you use the services – which means,  more control for you.

On average, companies are saving 78% of their budget by using Enlizt, gaining in efficiency and speed when it’s time to hire.


Impressive, right? Check it out for yourself and start finding your ideal candidates.



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