HRTechnology needs to care about Candidates

Our team cares a lot about the efficiency and agility of your company’s recruiting processes. We care just as much about your candidate’s experience, that’s why we try our best to make our application process an engaging and interactive one, all online.

We’ve asked our Enlizt candidate users to give us some feedback about Enlizt. This is what they’ve said so far!

  • – The questions asked during the application process are objective and allow employers to get to know us better, beyond what’s written on our resumé;
  • – The app is super easy and practical to use!;
- I enjoyed how I was able to fill out all of my experience using my LinkedIn profile;
  • – This application process is unique and gave me the opportunity to honestly explain why I’m qualified for the position;
  • – The user experience: it’s simple and efficient.

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